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Periodicals Review — 06.08.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Devoted to Tsiolkovsky

Last Thursday launch vehicle “Soyuz-U” made in Samara rocket-space centre CSKB-Progress put on the orbit the space ship “Progress M-61”. The launching confirmed the launch vehicles made in Samara are the effective way of people and goods delivery to space orbit.

The carnival in Samara

Samara latest news 06.08.2007

Last weekend there was the carnival in Samara, which became one of the brightest events of the summer. The Carnival column walked from Leningradskaya str. to Ladiya along Volzhsky prospect, where the spectators were suggested the festive program, the carnival costume contest, the concert and pyrotechnic show.

The continuation of preparation for the 8th International airspace show MAKS-2007

Samara latest news 06.08.2007

MAKS-2007 will take place in Zhukovsky from August 21 to 26, 2007. Samara will be represented by 6 airspace companies which have already been acknowledged their participation in the show. Among them are Aviakor, Kurumoch and CSKB-Progress.

Samara weekly news review — 30.07-03.08.2007

Weekly news review 05.08.2007

The first circular race track at the “Kurumoch” airport

At the “Kuromoch” airport there was a meeting between JSC “National race range “AvtoVAZ” representatives and German engineering architecture company «Ingen aix GmbH», which was devoted to the construction of the first in Russia circular race track “Lada-Ring”.

Samara weekly periodicals Review — 30.07-03.08.2007

“Samarskaya gazeta”

A billion for Samara

3 billions rubles will be given to Samara region for reforming housing and communal services.

Periodicals Review — 03.08.07


Swedish king took picture with Repin

In a settlement a museum tourist centre has been open

The Department of Tourism development is about to make Shiryaevo a centre of tourist complex “Zhigulyovskaya zhemchuzhina”. Within the limits of the program they has appropriated 10 mln rub. for the museum complex construction.

Successful launching of RN “Soyuz-U”

Samara latest news 03.08.2007

The successful launching of RN “Soyuz-U” once again confirmed that the launching vehicles made in Samara are effective way of people and goods delivery to space orbit.

The ninth station

Samara latest news 03.08.2007

In November 2007 15 years after the beginning of the construction the ninth station – “Rossiyskaya” could start working. The Regional Duma approved the appropriation of the 300mln rub. for completion of the project.

Periodicals Review — 02.08.07

“Volzhskaya zarya”

Samara citizens in Bulgaria

The visit of Samara citizens to Bulgaria came to the end yesterday. They visited Stara Zagora and participated in the festive events dedicated to the 130th anniversary of battle for the city.

Stanley Cup in Togliatti

Samara latest news 02.08.2007

“Lord Stanley” will arrive to Kurumoch airport by Lufthansa airlines, flight LH-3212 from Frankfurt am Main. Than it will be taken to photo session. And at the end it will be given to private use to Ilya Bryzgalov.