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On January, 30th Oleg Saitov’s press conference, devoted to holding "Governor’s Cup — 2007" is held in Samara

Samara latest news 29.01.2007

On January, 30th press conference of the head of Samara region department of physical training and sports Oleg Saitov takes place in Samara. It is devoted to the organizations and holding of the XIII International Athletics Competitions «Governor»s Cup -2007».

Anastasiya Pavlyuchenkova has won in the Australian Open Championship

Samara latest news 29.01.2007

Anastasiya Pavlyuchenkova became the winner of youth tournament in the Australian Open Championship for tennis. In the final «Australian Open» she finished off American Madison Brengl. Last season she already became the first tennis-player of the world among junior, she won at the same Australian tournament «The Big Helmet».

Samara prepares for demographic revolution

For first ten days of 2007 in a maternity home of Samara regional clinical Kalinin»s hospital the record amount of boys was born. In the new year»s eve there 6 kids were born, and for ten days of January there were already 70.

Mayor has grown to the governor. The headman of Novokuybyshevsk Alexander Nefedov became the first Konstantin Titov’s assistant

Samara latest news 29.01.2007

The post of the vice-governor of Samara region wasn»t vacant for a long time. Today new first Konstantin Titov»s assistant — mayor of Novokuybyshevsk Alexander Nefedov will be presented to the members of Region government. Nefedov has been the mayor of the city for 16 years and has kept good relations with local business-elite that can be on a hand to the governor.

On elections to Samara Regional Duma the ruling party is headed by governor Konstantin Titov

Samara latest news 29.01.2007

10 regional political parties desire to participate in struggle for deputy mandates. Besides submission to the regional election committee of all 25 single-mandate constituencies has come to the end. Here 181 candidates were peged for, and almost third of them are already registered.

New assignment on Volzhsky car factory

Samara latest news 28.01.2007

Samara region newsreel

Manufacture and technical development vice-president of OJSC «AutoVAZ» became Vladislav Kapustin. On his new post he will carry out management of all industrial activities of car factory in Tolyatti. New vice-president should provide car release, according to the approved plans and development of new perspective models.

"Aviakor" has received money for the second Аn-140 construction

Samara latest news 28.01.2007

OJSC «Financial leasing company» (FLK) has made the next payment to OJSC «Aviakor» where the construction of the second airship An-140 for «Yakutia» airlines approaches to its end. The first regional plane An-140 assembled in Samara «Aviakor», was transferred to «Yakutia» airlines in September, 2006. The leasing contract stipulates construction and transferring of two more Аn-140 to airlines, terms of delivery — 2008.

Samara Periodicals Review 26.01.07

The 100.000th «Kalina»

AUTOVAZ has made 100.000th LADA KALINA. The plant»s press-cutting service informed that in January AUTOVAZ increased manufacturing daily rate of ?Kalina? with 340 up to 504 cars.

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Samara Week Periodicals Review

New and unique

In the Samara regional clinical cancer detection center there is a new equipment.

Now in clinical cancer detection center the new equipment is being assembled. This time the extra-high-power medical linear accelerator has been delivered to the regional center. It allows to adjust the length of radiation. Owing to this there is an opportunity to treat both tumours of superficial localization and those which is located deeply inside. With its help it is possible to ablate tumors without surgical intervention for one session.

«Samarskie izvestia»

Samara week news review

Weekly news review 28.01.2007

AutoVAZ increases Lada 112 Coupe output

Eperimental-industrial manufacture of JSC » AutoVAZ » schedules the production of 8000 Lada 112 Coupe in 2007. Commodity output of a new shot-run model began in August, 2006. Last year the 541st car has been produced. In its base case the car is equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and the steering booster. Besides Lada 112 Coupe AutoVAZ makes plans for production of 5000 five-door-off-road cars Lada 4×4.