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Samara Periodicals Review 11.01.07

“Novosti Gubernii” Kalina” left for Yekaterinburg

The winner of the car racing, which took place on auto range JSC “AUTOVAZ” in Sosnovka, became a sportsman from Yekaterinburg – Kirill Ladygin. A repeated champion of Russia in carting, a double-ply champion … in the LADA Revolution Class received the main prize — Lada Kalina.

Saving on children is Shooting the Future

“Volzhskaya Zarya”

In Russia the wide-ranging education reform is being introduced for more than 15 years. Some people consider it unsuccessful. They believe that the aim of this reform is in saving money on children’s education and teachers’ salary. Under the public pressure the President made a solemn promise to keep the secondary education free and also increase allocations in the perfection of supplementary education. However, the activists of commercialization would like to make 20% paid lessons. Slowly the system of supplementary education become paid as well.

Christmas soirees

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

The festival of choral music “Christmas soirees in the Marble hall” which is the first scale cultural action in Samara this year is held the 16th time. This festival keeps the traditions of choral singing, which is related to the names of such renowned musicians as Nikolay Kuranov, Eugeniy Tyurin, Vladimir Oschepkov, Anna Golovlyova, Grigoriy Yavorskiy and Valeriya Navrotskaya.

Debris are not Found

“Novosti Gubernii”

The US Aerospace Defence Department has not confirmed the fact of founding the fragments of Samara carrier rocket “Soyuz-2” which was launched from Baykonur at the end of December by French space satellite “Koro”. According to the web-site “Novosti Kosmonavtiki” representatives of the department reported that the place of probable debris fall — near Rivertown, Wyoming – were examined by the police and rescuers. However, no fragments were found.

Samara Periodicals Review 10.01.07To the Future with the University

“Volzhskaya Kommuna”

Samara State Aerospace University of Academician Sergey Korolyov has won the contest amongst the Universities of Russian Federation which was held in the context of the foreground national project “Education”. The innovation university program “The competence centre development and first-class experts training in the field of aerospace and geoinformation technologies” has rated the 3d via Russia.

Samara: the shield paves the way from “Rossiyskaya” to “Alabinskaya” subway station

Samara latest news 12.01.2007

The specialists from CJSC “VTS-METRO” and M…C “KAZMETROSTROY” assemble the tunneling machine “LOVAT” at the abuilding “Rossiyskaya” subway station. Its components were delivered from Kazan and were put at the tunnel entrance, using a special crane ordered from Tolyatti.

Samara Press Review. “Volzhskaya Kommuna” 5.01.07

Oleg Saitov «We expect the interest in sport and physical culture is rekindled»

The last year was marked by the success of Samara sportsmen. There were a lot of victories in different championships. The best results were shown by the young sportsmen in modern pentathlon, cycle racing, artistic gymnastic, canoe- and kayak-paddling, synchronized swimming, pole trampoline and athletics.

Samara Press Review. “Samarskaya nedelya” 5.01.07

The Construction of Samara Subway is Recommenced

For the first time in the last 15 years the construction of the new subway branch lines is resumed. The tunnels will be made by special machinery which is delivered from Kazan.

There is a Christmas concert in Roman-Catholic Church in Samara

Samara latest news 10.01.2007

Officially the well-known Samara Roman-Catholic church is called St. Jesus’ Heart Cathedral. For the first time “Christmas Oratorio” by French composer Camille Saint-Saens will be heard   in the unique atmosphere of the church. It will be performed by the musicians of Samara Philharmonic Society, Academy Student Chorus of Samara University “VIVAT” and Chamber Orchestra of Samara Philharmonic Society. Especially for this event they invite celebrated conductor from Germany – Professor Leo Kremer.   

“Krylya Sovetov” come back from holidays

Samara latest news 09.01.2007


New Year holidays are finished for the players from Samara football team “Krylya Sovetov”. Today they are going to a medical examination, from 10 to 13 of January the team is to train in Moscow and then from 14 to 30 of January they are going to Turkey for the regular assembly.