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The French Guiana Cosmodrome for Russian space ships

Samara latest news 15.02.2007

The starting complex construction for launch vehicle type «Soyuz» keeps on building in French Guiana. The ceremony of putting the first stone to the starting complex wiil take place on February,26

Samara Periodicals Review — 14.02.07

«Samarskie izvestiya»

The 100th Anniversary of Bayan

The fifth jubilee international festival “Vivat, bayan! Sergey Voytenko and friends” was opened in Samara yesterday.

The day of the Soviet troop’s pullout from Afghanistan

Samara latest news 14.02.2007

On February, 15th the meeting, devoted to Soviet troop’s pullout from Afghanistan, takes place near the memorial to local wars victims.

The first medals in lifetime for young figure skaters from Samara

Samara latest news 14.02.2007

The Championship of Russia for figure skating among juniors will take place in St.Petersburgh from February, 14 to February, 17 in the Palace of Sports “Yubileyny”.

Periodicals review 13.02.07

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

The governor supported by deputies

Konstantin Titov keeps on receiving letters and telegrams with support of its initiative about transferring of Soldier-liberator monument from Estonia to Samara region.

A new exhibition in the Art Museum

Samara latest news 13.02.2007

The opening of a new exhibition “Old Samara Art Life” took place in the Samara Regional Art Museum on February, 12.

Global Climate Fluctuation

Samara latest news 12.02.2007

In February, the conference, devoted to the influence of global climate fluctuation on Volga basin ecosystem, will be held in Samara region.

Acrobatic Contest Took Place in Tolyatti

Samara latest news 12.02.2007

The best sportsmen from Volga region met at the acrobatic contest dated for the 40th anniversary of acrobatics and a trampoline in Samara region.

Samara Periodicals Review 10, 12.02.07

The veteran law it decided to finish off

Yesterday the next session of the regional government under presidency of governor Konstantin Titov where 15 questions were discussed took place. The main discussed theme was the regional law «About labour veterans of Samara region».

«Volzhskaya kommuna »

Fight for the title-holder of Europe

Samara latest news 12.02.2007

The boxer from Tolyatti Devi Gogiya will defend the title-holder of Europe among professionals in super middleweight. Devi Gogiya will meet with 31-years-old Christian Sanavia in March in Italy or France.