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On t he 5th of April round table discussion on theme: “Experience exchange in process of students teaching” will be held in Samara

Samara latest news 04.04.2007

The Administration of regional district of Samara is still cooperating with other regions of Russia and the former Soviet republics .The urgent questions are of social nature. The delegates from Kazakhstan are going to improve their experience in health manpower training.

In Tolyatti will pass II festival of a children’s cinema "Planet of Cinema"

Samara latest news 04.04.2007

From April, 5 till April, 10th interesting cultural event takes place in Tolyatti – Second festival of a children»s cinema » Planet of Cinema «. The first festival which has passed in the autumn of 2005, has visited more than 10 thousand young spectators. In the program of a film festival – nine films: eight game pictures and one full-length animation tape.

Higer in Samara

Samara latest news 04.04.2007

One of the largest suppliers of lorries and buses in Russia — “Rusbisnesavto” opens its branch in Samara. The company will enter the Samara market with the new offer — buses of the largest Chinese manufacturer Higer bus company.

Periodicals Review – 4.04.2007


Published Prices of Lada Prioria

“AvtoVaz” published recommended prices and detailed features of Lada Priora . So the cost price of 1.6 V front-drive sedan with injection engine is 282.480 rbl. Lada Priora is planned to sell in April.

“Lessons of Life Happiness” by Shalva Amonashvili

Samara latest news 03.04.2007

On April, 4th there is a seminar for teachers of Samara region in gymnasia № 11 where the honorary member of the Academy of Education, the head of International Centre of Humanitarian Pedagogics, Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Shalva Amonashvili will take part.

Samara Periodicals review — 3.04.2007

”Samarskaya Gazeta”

Samara is suffocated without underground.

The ninth underground station “Rossiyskaya” is opened in 2007 in Samara. Sergey Shamin, the chief engineer of the Samara underground tells the facts about the history of its construction and plans for the future.

International tourist exhibition “SamaraTurExpo. Spring 2007”

Samara latest news 03.04.2007

XII International Tourist Exhibition “SamaraTurExpo. Spring 2007” will be held in Alabin’s Centre from April, 4th to April, 6th.

The only gas locomotive in the world

Samara latest news 02.04.2007

The designers of Kuznetsov’s Samara scientific and technical complex create the aviation engine — the «heart» of a new machine. Fuel for gas locomotive is ecologically pure natural gas. The advantage is the absence of necessity to build an electric power line. Thus the capacity of a locomotive of the future is comparable with the best samples of current technology.

Tomorrow of a “space” Samara

Samara latest news 02.04.2007

On the eve of the Cosmonautics Day, it would be significant to note the rapid increasing of space industry. New programs are started, there are a lot of lift-offs and interesting ideas at the Samara enterprises. At the meeting of governor of Samara region, Konstantin Titov and the first vice-minister Sergey Ivanov one of them was discussed in the beginning of March. This is the creationof a new space-rocket corporation on the basis of our well-known «CSKB-PROGRESS» and Kuznetsov’s Samara scientific and technical complex, «Motorostroitel», «Metallist», etc.

Broadcasting company "Samara" has a new chief

Samara latest news 02.04.2007

Last Friday the former general director of the broadcasting company «Penza» Rifat Sabitov was appointed the head of the broadcasting company “Samara”. The reason of Foydor Aliev’s resignation is considered an excessive political activity.