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Weekly news review 15.01.2007

The cargo spaceship “Progress” is called in the name of Sergey Korolyov

Russian cargo spaceship “Progress” is called after the Great Russian designer of space machinery Sergey Korolyov, whose 100 anniversary will be celebrated on January, 12. It will launch from Baykonur to ISS on January, 18. There is a portrait of the scientist of genius on the fairing of the spaceship. The spaceship will deliver to the station 2.5 tons of fuel, equipment and food. (more…)

“AutoVAZ” is already 40 years old

Samara latest news 15.01.2007

On January, 14 is the 40 anniversary since the beginning of the plant construction. On this very day the first scoop of earth was taken out to make the foundation area for the first building of the auxiliary shops. However the “official birthday” is considered to be on July, 20, 1966, when the government decided to make a car plant in Tolyatti.   

“Spravedlivaya Rossia” expect 32% of votes of electors

Samara latest news 15.01.2007

The main opponents of “Edinaya Rossia” in the coming elections to Samara Region Parliament have chosen the candidates. The Mayor of Samara who headed the party declared that “Spravedlivaya Possia” could the third seats in the Region Parliament. However, the opponents from “Edinaya Rossia” doubt it.

The 80 anniversary of Aleksander Soldatenkov

Samara latest news 15.01.2007

On the January, 14, there is the birthday of well-known rocket-and-space machinery author and test engineer – Aleksander Spldatenkov. The setting and launching of the first Samara rocket associated with his name. It was the first series produced strategic intercontinental rocket – R-7.

Samara Region Governor Konstantin Titiov’s Congratulation to the Day of Russian Press

Samara latest news 13.01.2007

Dear journalists, and workers at publishers and printing-houses. Dear fellow countrymen. On January, 13 we celebrate the day of Russian press – a professional holiday of all contributors of mass media and those who somehow related to journalism.

Former chief of “AutoVaz” Vitaly Vilchik might be at the head of the company again

Samara latest news 12.01.2007

Former chief of “AutoVAZ” Vitaly Vilchik might be the head of the company again. On January, 16 the committee of the directors could pass him the control under the plant. However, this time Vilchik’s commissions will be reduced. Practically only the car industry in Tolyattii is left under his jurisdiction.

Samara Periodicals Review 12.01.07

«Novosti Gubernii» The Best New Year Toy

Today the winners of the Best New Year Toy contest will be announced in Tolyatti. Started on December, 7 it was held amongst 150 participants who were from 3 to 14 year old. 30 winners will be awarded by diplomas and memorable presents.

No Wonders at “AUTOVAZ”

Samara latest news 12.01.2007

Samara Region Large quantity of unsold cars becomes usual for “AUTOVAZ”. However, the situation is close to critical. According to RBK “Daily” there are 95 thousands of unsold cars pile up in stock. Nevertheless “AUTOVAZ” started up production line on January, 9.

Samara aircraft constructors will take part in the serial production of a new Russian amphibian Be-200

Samara latest news 12.01.2007

This project is realized by “Aviakor” together with another two companies which are the members of Russian Joint Aircraft Construction Corporation. Meanwhile, Samara plant is the only one which has not affiliated with the new state holding company.

People’s artist of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, 107- year-old Zoya Chekmasova died on January, 11 in Samara.

Samara latest news 12.01.2007

Zoya Chekmazova worked in Gorky Kuybyshev Theatre from 1935. She was slender, graceful and emotional actress. She succeeded in both dramatic and comic parts. Peculiar image on the stage and charm marked the work of the actress.