«Novosti Gubernii» The Best New Year Toy

Today the winners of the Best New Year Toy contest will be announced in Tolyatti. Started on December, 7 it was held amongst 150 participants who were from 3 to 14 year old. 30 winners will be awarded by diplomas and memorable presents.

Meeting in the Hall

Samara House of M.V.Frunze is ready to receive the Russian history-lovers within its precincts. Today is the opening of musical-literature hall of «Motherland» club.

Interview with young talents

At the end of 2006 year Agency of sociocultural technologies marked by celebration the next victory of talented children of Samara Region who win 9 rewards in «Young Talents of Russia» contest. The children, their parents and teachers, reporters and journalists were gathered in the hall of the Agency of sociocultural technologies where the winners were congratulated and also presented to awards. During unusual press-conference which took place after the official part of the evening, prize-winners — students of musical and art schools as well as students of musical college answered the questions about their success.

Samara Region — One of the Best

Samara Region took the 6th place of honour amongst 73 Regions of Russia in the «The Best Physical Culture Health-Improving Mass Sports Company of Russian Federation in 2006».

«Samarskie Izvestiya»

Christmas with «Lastochka»

Making promise to orphans from the children»s home «Lastochka» to come on Christmas hockey players of Tolyatti «LADA» redeemed it. The holiday was full of fun with round dances, songs, competitions and of course with a fairy tale where as is the custom good wins. And then it was turn of presents.

To «Thank You»!

January, 11 is the most polite day in the year. On this day the whole world celebrate the «Thank You» day.

«Samarskaya nedelya»

Crabs in the Volga

The woolly-handed crab is found in the Volga. Its usual habitat is tropical waters of the Yellow Sea. The crabs are rather big — 35 centimeters wide. Samara ichthyologists relate it to idem global warming. With the advent of the crabs in Volga the crayfish could be ousted in the near future.

«Rossiyskaya Nedelya»

Ski-track of Blessed Memory

Anniversary «Aleksandriyskiy Cross Country Skiing» is finished. The fate of our fellow-countryman, famous skier and champion of the Europe amongst railwaymen — Anatoliy Aleksandriyskiy — bears much resemblance to the fate of his celebrated coeval, a hiking- and bard singing — lover Valeriy Grushin. Both their lives have a tragic end. In their honour there are two not-made-by-hands memorials in Samara. These are well known Grushinskiy Festival and «Aleksandriyskiy Cross Country Skiing».