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Periodicals review — 25.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The best agro-industrial enterprises presented Samara region in Germany

The achievements of the best enterprises of the region among which is the largest in the Volga region agriholding “SV-Povolzhskoe” became an event at International Green Week Berlin.

Unveiling to Vladimir Vysotsky in Samara

Samara latest news 25.01.2008

At the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky there was held an unveiling ceremony of a 5-metre bronze sculpture composition devoted to V. Vysotsky life and work.

The international airport “Kurumoch” is opened

Samara latest news 24.01.2008

The airport works at present weather. More detailed information is available 24-hour by the phone in Samara (846) 229-55-16, 229-53-22 (enquiry service), 229-51-82 (administrator), on-line indicator board

Blizzard struck the Volga region

Samara latest news 23.01.2008

Bad weather in the Mid-Volga region was brought by a warm cyclone. The great thermal contrast caused the stirring up of the front divisions. Thus long-drawn-out blizzards struck the whole Volga region. The international airport “Kurumoch” works under the weather conditions. 12 flights have been delayed.

Periodicals review — 23.01.2008

“Samarskaya gazeta”

No pasaran!

Tram workers set anti-tank hedgehogs. Tram and trolleybus depot began a fight against drivers who use tram tracks as the additional roads.

Periodicals review — 22.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Increasing of incomes

The Samara budget implementation is done in 90%. The income increasing counted 48.4%

A week of French Film

Samara latest news 22.01.2008

The most popular French films of the recent years will be shown to the citizens of 18 regions of Russia within the limits of “A week of French Film” which opens on January 24 in Moscow and will be finished in Krasnoyarsk on July 1.

Scorpions in Russia

Samara latest news 22.01.2008

German rock-group “Scorpions” will take 2-week tour in Russia. On April 13 it will give a concert in Samara.

The press conference dedicated to the monument of V. Vysotsky

Samara latest news 22.01.2008

On January 22 in regional government there will be held the press-conference devoted to the opening of the monument to Vladimir Vysotsky.

Biometrical passport drawn up since January 16

Samara latest news 22.01.2008

No falsification. According to experts a foreign passport of a new generation with a microchip and digital photo can’t be falsified. Now one can get such a passport in Samara. However, a passport is also needed for children of any age now.