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VII International Exhibition – Forum “InfoCom – 2007”

Samara latest news 22.10.2007

Within the limits of the VII International exhibition-forum “InfoCom – 2007” there will be held the presentation of “Infocommunication environment of the region” project on October 24, 2007.

Samara weekly news review — 15-19.10.2007

Weekly news review 21.10.2007

The 5th annual “New British Film” festival begins on October 23

James Kennedy, manager of British Council in Russia noted that this year the festival would represent various outstanding films, selected from the best samples of modern British cinematography. They call attention to different genres from comedy to psychological thriller, from documentary to drama as well as to various topics: music, social problems, family relationships and love.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 15-19.10.2007


The government denied the strengthening of control over mass media

Yesterday Sergey Sychev, main federal inspector in Samara region, declared about the willingness of regional authorities to react to all the infringements of coming election to the State Duma of Russian Federation.

Periodicals Review — 19.10.07


Right for the space

The governor of Samara region visited CSKB “Progress”

The future of rocket-and-space industry and Samara enterprises in its development were discussed by Vladimir Artyakov, governor of Samara region and Anatoliy Perminov, head of “Roskosmos”.

“Edinaya Rossia” introduces Samara regional list of candidates

Samara latest news 19.10.2007

On October 20, Saturday there will be held the enlarged meeting of Presidium of “Edinaya Rossia” Regional political council where it will be introduced the list of Samara regional candidates and the results of the VIII conference of “Edinaya Rossia”.will be discussed.

Periodicals review — 18.10.2007

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

Emulation of the Old World

Vladimir Artyakov appreciated Moscow highway repairs at its true value. The Governor said that in 3 years Samara roads would compliant with European standards.

Unique historical documents at the exhibition in Samara

Samara latest news 18.10.2007

The unique documents from history of space exploration will be shown at the “A road to the 5th ocean: we are conquering the space” exhibition. During its work they will organize games and educational programs for children from October 19 to November 18.

Periodicals review — 17.10.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Lada is ready for “Euro – 3”

Lada cars has underwent Russian certification in conformance to “Euro-3” standards introducing in Russia from January 1, 2008. Preparing for realization the standard, AutoVAZ designed new modifications of its automobiles.

Konstantin Titov, ex-governor of Samara region is confirmed as a senator

Samara latest news 17.10.2007

The Federation Council confirmed K.Titov appointment as a senator. He will represent the executive board of the state authority of the region.

Periodicals review — 16.10.2007


AutoVAZ is inclined to FIAT

The companies signed the partnership memorandum

AutoVAZ and FIAT signed the memorandum of strategic partnership intentions. FIAT compromises easily with AutoVAZ to overcome consequences of the recent crisis.