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CSKB “Progress” sends “Soyuz” to Kourou

Samara latest news 22.08.2007

CSKB “Progress” is to let a contract on 10 launch-vehicle “Soyuz” deliveries for starting from Kourou cosmodrome, French Guiana till the end of the year.

Russian-European project “Soyuz” is realized according to agreement between Roscosmos and European space agency.

Periodicals review — 20.08.2007

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”

The embankment will work the whole year round

The skating rink is to be opened as well as outdoor lighting is to be set at the Volga river. Director of “Samara embankment” Galina Goncharenko” tells about working hours of Samara embankment.

Konstantin Titov will participate in VIII International aerospace show “MAKS-2007” on August 21

Samara latest news 20.08.2007

More than 20 Samara enterprises will present their designings in the show. Among them are JSC “Metallist-Samara”, JSC “Aviation bearings works”, JSC “Salyut”, JSC “TechOboronProm”, JSC “Plastic”, “Kurumoch” airport and etc.

Samara weekly Periodicals review — 13-17.08.2007

“Vechernyaya Samara”

Develop business undertakings

The Mayors of the largest cities of Samara region as well as the representatives of some sectors of economy will gather together in the House of Government to discuss the problems of the effective ways of business undertakings development.

Samara weekly news review — 13-17.08.2007

Weekly news review 19.08.2007

The Flower festival

The Flower festival takes place in Strukovski park on August 16. More than 50 enterprises, firms, flower-clubs and private entrepreneurs from different part of Samara region will participate in the festival. Moreover there will be the winners rewarding of the “Samara Flowers” contest and landscape designers contest on the festival opening ceremony.

Periodicals Review — 17.08.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Works on Tierra del Fuego

AutoVAZ is looking at establishing assembly factory in Chile. It may be placed in FEZ, Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego. They have already reached preliminary agreements about grant discounts as well as government support of Chile.

Air Fleet Day in “Kurumoch” airport

Samara latest news 17.08.2007

Today the festive events devoted to Russian Air Fleet Day and to the 50th anniversary of Kuibyshev joint air group formation will be held in the International airport “Kurumoch”. They will organize a grand concert program, attractions, deploy field kitchen and let off fireworks.

From Samara to Europe via Kaliningrad

Samara latest news 17.08.2007

Airlines “KD avia” declared that Samara was included to its traffic scheme via Kaliningrad airport “Khrabrovo”. Today the project combines 10 Russian megapolises and 13 European cities.

Periodicals review — 16.08.07

“Samarskoe obozrenie”

Send round

“Engines-NK” corporation is established helically

Tied-up project of “Engines-NK” corporation will be reanimated. Last Saturday the idea of the establishing of horizontal integrated holding has got encouragement from power structures. The enterprises which for long time tried to escape from membership in the corporation, will consolidate around Kuznetsov SNTK.

Back to school

Samara latest news 16.08.2007

Annual August conference of education employees of Samara region will be held on August 16. The participants will review the school year and discuss the main directions of the Samara region education system development for coming academic year.