The Flower festival

The Flower festival takes place in Strukovski park on August 16. More than 50 enterprises, firms, flower-clubs and private entrepreneurs from different part of Samara region will participate in the festival. Moreover there will be the winners rewarding of the “Samara Flowers” contest and landscape designers contest on the festival opening ceremony.

Konstantin Titov will participate in the meeting of the National Antiterrorist Committee

The Governor of Samara region will take part in the meeting of the National Antiterrorist Committee where he is going to report about the state and measures for perfection the interaction between territorial bodies and federal bodies of executive power, Samara region council in the sphere of terrorism counteraction.

The International logistic conference will be devoted to the development of Samara region transport infrastructure

There is a press-conference of Boris Ardalin, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Traffic, devoted to the holding of the International logistic conference on August 15. The conference will take place on September 11-12.

Debugged general plan of Samara will be published on Thursday

Debugged general plan of Samara with all amendments will be published on Thursday. Right after publishing there will start the second public hearings of the document.

Back to school

Annual August conference of education employees of Samara region will be held on August 16. The participants will review the school year and discuss the main directions of the Samara region education system development for coming academic year.

According to the plan of the conference Konstantin Titov and Vice-Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Vladimir Fridlyanov will take part in it.

From Samara to Europe via Kaliningrad

Airlines “KD avia” declared that Samara was included to its traffic scheme via Kaliningrad airport “Khrabrovo”. Today the project combines 10 Russian megapolises and 13 European cities. Now one can fly out Samara into London, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Kiev, and Athens by “KD avia” airlines. “Samara” airlines noted that the alternative transfer unit certainly will be in good demand.