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Periodicals review — 10.08.07

«Rossiyskaya nedelya»

Public eye

There will be The Public Chamber in Samara region. The similar assosiations exist not only in the centre but also in the most regions of russia, so Samara region is not the first mover.

Konstantin Titov dispel rummors about his resignation

Samara latest news 10.08.2007

Konstantin Titov: This is the power contest. The contest for the Governor post. The contest always escalates before the elections. Samara region is the crossing point of many intersts not only state structures but also monopolistic.

Periodicals review — 09.08.07

«Volzhskaya komunna»

Underground achivements

The construction of left main line tonnel between «Rossiyskaya» and «Alabinskaya» tube-stations is almost over. The tunneling started in February 2007. Since that time it has been got over 650 m.

Konstantin Titov holds a meeting with the delegation from Korea

Samara latest news 09.08.2007

On August 10 Konstantin titov will hold a meeting with the delegation from Korea devoted to joint Russian-Korean project «Kosmo-Expo». The same day Konstantin Titov will take part in the starting-up ceremony of the fresh capicity of the «Baltika-Samara» branch

Periodicals Review — 08.08.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

The carnival absorbed Samara

Samara carnival maintains family values

The first prize — KIA Spectra — in carnival costume contest won the Varybok for “Swan-song” costume.

“Vivat, Russia!” is a theme of the XI Interregional festival of children and youth amateur press in Samara region

Samara latest news 08.08.2007

From August 10 to 15 in Samara region there will be held the XI Interregional festival of children and youth amateur press. The theme of the festival is “Vivat, Russia!”

Periodicals Review — 07.08.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Life is short, art is long, the nature is eternal

On August 5 Samara Art Museum for the 14th time gathered its guests in Shiryaevo for Repinsky festival. This time it becomes the end of the 3-day All-Russia science conference “Art heritage of Russia”.

Samara region. Defense industry will be dragged by starting hook

Samara latest news 07.08.2007

The Samara region authorities change the priorities in the development of airspace complex. Yesterday it became known that they will stake for military-space sector enterprises.

The delegation from Samara took part in the festive events dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the battles for Stara Zagora

Samara latest news 07.08.2007

From July 27 to August 1 there was an official visit of Samara delegation to Stara Zagora. They participated in the celebrations devoted to the 130th anniversary of independence from Turkey yoke.

A new exposition in “Vavilon”

Samara latest news 07.08.2007

On August 7 at 6 p.m. the art gallery “Vavilon” will present new exposition “ Game space” of the two artists Ilyas Muratov (New York) and Andrey Vereschagin (Moscow). The gallery collective hope that holding events will stimulate fruitful international partnership in culture.