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Periodicals review — 21.09.2007

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Winter begins at “Rossiiskaya” underground station

On Wednesday Vladimir Artyakov, governor of Samara region together with Viktor Tarkhov, the head of Samara visited the underground station “Rossiiskaya” and went into construction works.

Extreme music festival in Samara

Samara latest news 21.09.2007

There is an extreme music festival on summer theatre area of Strukovski Garden on September 21, 2007. Such a festival is held for the first time in Samara. 6 bands from different countries will take part in it: INCANTATION (USA), KRISIUN (Brazil), ROTTING CHRIST (Greece), VADER (Poland), AMENTI (Great Britain), RIUL DOAMNEI (Italy).

The International ecological congress in Togliatti

Samara latest news 21.09.2007

On September 20-21 there is held the International ecological congress “The ecology and life safety of industrial and transport complex ELPIT-2007 in Togliatti State University, which gathered scientists from Italy, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Ghana, Mozambique, Jordan, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia.

Business relations between Samara and Chinese city Chjenchjou will be consolidated

Samara latest news 20.09.2007

On Wednesday during the meeting of the head of Samara, Viktor Tarkhov with the official delegation from China sister city Chjenchjou the agreement of the future partnership development between the cities was signed.

Periodicals review — 19.09.2007

“Volzhskaya zarya”

“Foton’s” flight

“Foton-M #3” has been put on the orbit of the Earth by a launch vehicle “Soyuz-U”. Both the satellite and the launch vehicle is design and made at “CSKB-Progress”. Another success and progress of our spacecraft designers.

The Days of Henan province, China in Samara region

Samara latest news 19.09.2007

The delegation from Henan, China headed by vice-governor Shi Jiachen has arrived to Samara region. The aim of the visit is the opening and holding the Days of Henan. The opening will take place at Alabin Museum.

New traffic plan will work at full capacity in a month

Samara latest news 19.09.2007

The traffic in Moskovskoe Highway will work according rush-hours schedule: 5 traffic lanes to on side and 2 to reverse direction. It is planned to have the driving license suspended for 6 months for driving to median strip.

Periodicals review — 18.09.2007

“Samarskie izvestiya”

“Cabinet of curiosities archives”

There is the exhibition of the Imperial anatomical museum “Cabinet of curiosities archives” in Kurlina House.

Tomorrow Samara Art Museum opens the exhibition “Russian jeweller’s art of XVIII–XX centuries”

Samara latest news 18.09.2007

Samara regional Art Museum celebrates 2 field days: the 110 anniversary from the first collection foundation and the 70th anniversary from the museum foundation. “The State historical and cultural museum-reserve “Moscow Kremlin” presents the exhibition “Russian jeweller»s art of XVIII–XX centuries” formed from unique works of art from the Kremlin collection.

The delegation from Chine arrives tomorrow to Samara region

Samara latest news 17.09.2007

The delegation from Henan, China with its vice-governor Shi Jiachen arrives to Samara region on September 18. The aim of the visit is to open and hold the Days of Henan province in Samara region.