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“Soyuz TMA – 11” in flight

Samara latest news 11.10.2007

On October 10 at 5.22 p.m.(Moscow Time) “Soyuz TMA – 11” was launched with launching vehicle “Soyuz – FG”. The successful launching once again proved Samara made rockets as effective means of delivering goods and people to the space orbit.

Periodicals Review — 10.10.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The International Exhibition Forum “Autoprom. Autocomponents” begins its work

From October 9 to October 12 The International Specialized Exhibition “Autoprom. Autocomponents” take place in Togliatti.

Austrian reincarnation of “Niva”

Samara latest news 10.10.2007

AutoVAZ plans to produce AWD station wagon from 2009. This week the management of AutoVAZ plans to start negotiations with Austrian department of Canadian company Magna about the price of the components to the car modal.

Periodicals Review — 09.10.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Round Table regarding coming elections

Today Regional Selective Committee is held the round table with regional departments of political parties. The aim of the meeting is the coming election campaign of State Duma deputies.

“Samara – Meeting the World” on October 10

Samara latest news 09.10.2007

There will be the conference “Samara – Meeting the World” in the Alabin Museum. The conference is held within the limits of the XXI International Specialized Exhibition “SamaraTourExpo. Autumn 2007”

International Post Office Day and the beginning of the International Week of the Letter

Samara latest news 08.10.2007

October 9, The International Post Office Day is one of the international holidays, celebrated under aegis of the UN. This holiday brings together countries and peoples and promote general welfare.

Periodicals Review — 08.10.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The victory of “Priora”

Lada Priora is recognized a “popular brand”

A new AutoVAZ model won “Popular Brand of Russia” contest, gained the first prize in the “National car” nomination.

Samara Weekly News Review — 01-05.10.2007

Weekly news review 07.10.2007

October 4 is the notable day in History of Samara

That very day in 1957 the first earth satellite vehicle was put into the orbit. Then only few people knew about Kuibyshev district, Bezymyanka. Nowadays somehow or other almost all enterprises of Samara are connected with space industry.

57th International bayan-player contest opened in Samara

Samara latest news 06.10.2007

For the first time Russia hosts the International Bayan – player contest “The Trophy of the World”. It is held just in Samara. 36 best bayan-players arrived to the city from all over the world. The jury is headed by the famous musician, Frederic Deschamps. The musicians are going to compete in 2 categories: classic and variety.

Periodicals Review — 05.10.07

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Trade and Entertainment under Glory Square

The center of Samara will be build up by investors. It is planned a complex building in Leninski and Octyabrski districts in Samara.