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The construction of a toll road between Samara and Togliatti postponed

Samara latest news 06.12.2007

The tender which was announced by the regional government had no results. The contest is declared frustrated.

Periodicals review — 06.12.2007

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Reciprocal liabilities for the public good

“Oil and gas company “Rosneft” Ltd has signed an agreement with Samara region government. The President of “Rosneft” highlighted that Samara region is one of the important territories in their field.

General Motors “made a proposal” to AtuoVAZ

Samara latest news 06.12.2007

American giant car manufacture GM offer to redeem AutoVAZ share holding. Thus GM intends to expand its market presence in Russia. Fiat and Renault is also claiming on AutoVAZ share. In the nearest future AutoVAZ should choose its strategic partner.

The Satellite Information Centre established in Samara

Samara latest news 06.12.2007

Assemblage of antenna complex and its radio transparent cover for the Satellite Information Centre is finished. The work of the centre will help to solve a great number of problems in the Volga-Ural Federal okrug.

Periodicals review — 04.12.2007

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Elections without revolutions

On December 2 52.08% Samara region citizens came to polling places. The leading political party won in Samara region, but it was expected that the results will be much higher.

Fiat’s considering the opportunity of investments into AutoVAZ

Samara latest news 04.12.2007

The Italian car trust Fiat is considering the possibility of investments into the largest Russian car producer AutoVAZ. However it bewares that the investments will require not only financial inflow.

Periodicals review — 03.12.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

A new toll road at Samara

The government of Samara region considers the possibility of building a toll road Samara-Togliatti. The regional government announced the competition on study of financiability in highway construction.

“Samara region is theatre capital”

Samara latest news 03.12.2007

Within the limits of a drama festival which started in Samara region there will be held the New Year’s theatre meetings. The festival takes place at the initiative of Samara region governor. It is a kind of a new year present to Samara citizens.

Samara weekly news review — 26-30.11.2007

Weekly news review 02.12.2007

New metro station “Rossiiskaya” is ready to open

On Monday the test train will go through the new ninth Samara metro station. Running tunnels of the “Rossiiskaya” station are in the middle of it but landing platforms are on each side. The entrance will face the interaction of Lenin prospect and Novo-Sadovaya Str. The station has been built for about 11 years.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 26-30.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

Space ambitions

Voronezh KBHA starts up mass production of engines for “Soyuz-2”

JSC “Designing Bureau of chemical machinery (KBHA, Voronezh) finishes the testing of a new rocket engine RD-0124 for the launching vehicle “Soyuz-2” which is made by “CSKB-Progress”.