Casinos say “goodbye” to Samara

Samara Regional Government recommended to The Regional Duma to pass the law of banning the organization and holding games of chance in the region except Volzhsky and Krasnoyarsky districts.

The 100th anniversary of Samara Police Museum

On May 14, 1907 the museum was opened for all comers who wanted to acquainted with the achievements of the regional police. To the Jubilee a new exhibition told about the beginnings and the development of Samara law and order services was opened.

Within the limits of the Non Smoking Day in Samara there is an action aimed at smoke fighting

The organizers of the action are the Health authorities of Samara Administration and the Medical Prophylaxis Center. The participants of the action stopped at the universities and public places, exchanging cigarettes for mineral water, nicotine chewing gum, booklets and calendar, as well as testing for nicotine addiction.

Apolitical City. March in place

Samara “The march of the Disagreeing” failed. But it is not only federal and regional governments fault keeping out popular oppositionists. Activists of “the March” couldn’t enlist the support of Samara dwellers.