The reconstruction of the oldest synagogue in Samara

The grand opening of the Samara chorale synagogue reconstruction was held last Monday. The reconstruction work will be finished in 2 years. The synagogue is the largest one in Europe. It is expected to open the meeting-house and public centre which will unite all the Jewish organization of the region.

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The nearest future of Samara Zoo

The nearest future of Samara Zoo has been discussed on the international theoretical and practical conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Samara Zoo. During the next two days the heads of the Russian and foreign zoos will exchange their experience in keeping the animals in captivity. The experts of the architecture and building university affirm that in 6 years Samara Zoo will become larger than Moscow one.

There will be the museum of extinct animals, a panoramic cinema, sea world exhibits and etc. St. Petersburg Zoo has already presented valuable small mammals and a white bear, but it’s just made of porcelain. The head of Kazan Zoo has presented a lion which is going to appear on Samara Zoo emblem.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” (regional edition)

We can skate and ski on Samara front soon

Ice holes will be soon equipped in some places.

“Volzhskaya kommuna”


The satellite “Foton-M” designed in Samara “CSKB-Progress” helped the scientists answer the question if a life could appear due to meteorites. The pieces of the sediment with microbes were attached to the airframe.