Another air company offers flights to Moscow

A new playemarket is about to come. Russian Company Red Wings applied for getting regular flights Samara — Moscow. The company plans to carry out 2 flights a day on TU-204 from autumn.

Arming at Baikonur

The Federal Sapace Centre «Baikonur» and Baikonur branch of Samara «CSKB-Progress» are about arming of launch vehicle «Souyz-U», which must get «Progress» on orbit. The launching of the rocket is planned to carry out on August 2, 2007

Samara region: A new works in Togliatti

In the industrial park in Togliatti a new rubber goods plant could be built. It is planned that the main construction volume (75%) is financed by private investors. The total volume of investments is qualified as 5 billions roubles.

Michail Shemyakin: 2 multifigures monuments open in Samara

There are 2 multifigures monuments open in Samara in September. One of them is dedicated to the Victims of terror and another to Vladimir Vysotskiy. The monument of V. Vysottskiy will be placed at the stadium where he once sang before several thousand strong crowd.

Race on stiletto heels

On July 14 there was a stiletto heels race for the first time in Samara. About 70 girls took part in the competition. More than 500 spectators gathered to support their wives and girl-friends. In spite of the heat a lot of citizens preferred the glamourous competition to beaches and came to go them. For the first place won by Yekaterina Torgasheva «Park House» gave 50 000 rubles.