The delegation from Samara region takes part in the International economic forum

The International economic forum is to be open in St. Petersburg. Headed by K.Titov Samara delegation is going to take part in the forum. It is planned to sign 12 investment agreements to the amount of $3.3 billion.

A Space Postman

Russian space apparatus made in Samara CSKB Progress, “Foton-M3” will be tested as a “postman”. The idea is in principle new way of delivering moderate-size freights.

The biggest sport complex in Russia

A will consist of a cycle track, a race-track for both sportsmen and ordinary citizens, sector for high jump and broad jump and athletics sector. It provides for competition up to the world standards for handball, volleyball, basketball, fencing, box and wrestling. The field-house is a place for mass sport. The national team for cycling will be based in this very place.

Pupils in Stuttgart

Within the limits of partnership of Samara and Stuttgart a group of students from the “Leader” centre of extended education.