Samara aviation workers» partnership with China is continued…

Samara Tu-154 is considered too noisy and uneconomical plane, but nevertheless it is still the leader in flight reliability. There are 16 liners, which still have been flying in China since the Soviet times.

The administration of the State Chinese Airline has been thinking about the possibility of further partnership with Samara aviation workers for 3 years. The final result is the decision of complete overhaul of the liners and the overhaul-period renewal for another few years.

Broadcasting company «Samara» has a new chief

Last Friday the former general director of the broadcasting company «Penza» Rifat Sabitov was appointed the head of the broadcasting company «Samara». The reason of Foydor Aliev»s resignation is considered an excessive political activity.

Feodor Aliev headed the broadcasting company «Samara» for more than four years. Konstantin Titov lobbied him to this post by dropping of the ex-general director — Alexander Knyazev.

«Lessons of Life Happiness» by Shalva Amonashvili

On April, 4th there is a seminar for teachers of Samara region in gymnasia ¹ 11 where the honorary member of the Academy of Education, the head of International Centre of Humanitarian Pedagogics, Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Shalva Amonashvili will take part.

Higer in Samara

One of the largest suppliers of lorries and buses in Russia — «Rusbisnesavto» opens its branch in Samara. The company will enter the Samara market with the new offer — buses of the largest Chinese manufacturer Higer bus company.

Regional rock-music festival KA4ELI

The regional rock festival «KA4ELI»(KACHELI) is held on April, 6th and April, 7th in Samara. The event restores the tradition of outstanding rock festivals in the city (such as «The Worst» and «Zhiguli rock»), where the live-rock lovers gathered from all parts of Russia.

The festival tightens cultural links and brings along the creative intercourse among Russian cities. Besides, «KA4ELI» aims at putting forward Russian rock in Samara region. No doubt, it is the possibility for beginners-bands to declare themselves on the stage in front of a great number of melomaniacs.

Important Orders in «Aviakor»

There are two important orders in «Aviakor» plant which are being finished at the moment. These is an overhaul of Tu-154 for Tatar Airlines and the construction of a plane with a shower cubicle, a study and a lounge. Such a plane is meant for VIP.