Samara basketball club CSK VVS wins a bowl from The Challenge Cup

Samara`s basketball club CSK VVS gets a bowl of The Challenge Cup. This Thursday Russian team wins Cyprian team «Keravnos» in return game with score 101:81 in Samara.

The first game was over with score 83:85.According the results of all matches Russian team wins trophy. The best player of CSK VVS is Nikita Shabalkin with his 24 points.

Innovation Activity of Enterprises is a Guarantee of Successful Industrial Development of Samara Region

On the 29th of March The Trade Minister of Samara Nikolay Vsevolodovich Sveshnikov prosecuted the meeting of ministry college. The representatives of more than 30 industrial plants took part in this meeting.

The questions in agenda were about the development of innovation activity, light and textile industry in Samara region.

The Government work out and discuss the new innovation development program «Innovations — Manufacturing — Market». Two new structures were created to support the innovation activity.

One of them is a noncommercial organization which was founded by the Government of Samara region .It is the Innovation — investment foundation of Samara region. The other is The Fund of Support of development of small-scale business investments.

On the 29th of March in Samara`s regional library will be held the third international conference «Social innovations in cultural process»

The aim of this conference is to examine the effect of social innovations in cultural process in context of different scientific visions and contemporary formative methods including theory and practice in cultural policy in our constantly changing world etc.

This process is considered in context of international cultural exchange, service culture, tourism, communications through ethnic cultural origin, civil diplomacy, innovation management in economics, culture and education.

This conference is going to be as «faceplate» and the bin of scientific works is going to be presented. The articles were granted by scientists from 11 countries of Europe, Asia, The USA and Australia. In these articles the questions of stable development of culture were raised.

Representatives European Bank of reconstruction and development arrive in Samara to discuss financing of municipal infrastructure projects

Today the deputy of the mayor of Samara is going to meet the representatives of European bank of reconstruction and development.

The questions of financing municipal infrastructure projects in Samara will be discussed.