The Winners in Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments Awarded Tomorrow

VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments took place in Moscow on February, 5-8th, 2007. There were presented more than 600 exhibitors from 26 regions of the Russian Federation and 20 countries of the Europe, Southeast Asia, Scandinavia, America.

According to results of work of VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments the scientific and technical working up of Consortium «Integra-C», «NPK «Genesis of knowledge», «Contex», «Samara horizons», «Kurumoch» airport, «Graviton and etc. were recommended to silver medals and awards.

«The round table» devoted the «Basic sections of Samara development plan»

«The round table» takes place in Samara in Architect House devoted to «Basic sections of Samara development plan».

The authors of the city development plan, representatives of builders» public organization association and others will take part in the discussion.

A new hotel network in Samara

Proprietors of Samara mini-hotel «Ost-Vest» with speak about the creation of own hotel network. Recently they have opened the second «Ost-Vest» in the regional centre. The 28-rooms- hotel is situated on the three first floors of the Samara dwelling complex «Sedmoe nebo». Now hotel-owners start expansion of the first hotel located on the Tretya proseka in Samara (near the Volga). It is planned to expand the hotel complex to 20 rooms.

Dr. Baaz from Stuttgart discussed problems of cancerous diseased children

Dr. Baaz from Stuttgart met with the representatives of Samara Administration at children clinical hospital ¹ 1 on March, 21st.

At a meeting the following questions were discussed:

Maintenance of mothers who are looking after cancerous diseased children.

Is there such a problem in Germany and how is it solved?

Creation of a social hotel and etc.

Trapped in Togliatti

Policemen from Togliatti joined their companions-in-arms form Nizhniy Novgorod. On the threshold of » March of Disagreeing» they tried not to release journalists from the town, being afraid that they could leave for an opposition protest action