Konstantin Titov’s Mettings in Moscow

Today a number of Konstantin Titov’s important meetings took place in the Russian Federation Government. He discussed the development of the program “Worthy citizens of the great country” with Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko. The same day the governor met the first vice-prime minister of the Government Sergey Ivanov. General Secretary of “Edinaya Rossia” Byacheslav Volodin, Minister of Education and Science of Samara region Valery Putko and chairman of board of directors GC “Sok” took part in the meeting.

High-quality Oil Bitumen Production in Samara

The regional meeting devoted to high-quality production of bitumen in Samara region will be held in Novokuybyshevsk on March 6. Ministry of petrochemical and natural gas industry organizes the meeting where Minister of petrochemical and natural gas industry — Igor Ivanov and Minister of transport, communications and motor roads — Boris Ardalin will take part.

Russian Railway opens a network of logistic centres

A workshop concerning the development of transport in the Volga Federal District took place in Samara.

The group dealt with problems of transport-logistic infrastructure creation in the Volga region and the questions connected with the organization of freight traffic in the regions. The problems of acceleration and simplification of pool delivery process to the end-consumer, duly cargo delivery in destinations with the least transport charges are planned to solve by means of a global network of terminal-logistic centres in the Volga Federal District. They will be formed in Nizhni Novgorod, Samara and Ulyanovsk.

The 65th Anniversary of Samara Bearing Plant

Today is the 65th anniversary of Samara bearing plant. It is the largest producer of bearings in Russia: more than 40 million per year. Its quality is recognized all over the world and it is a Russian and international award-winning plant. The partners of the plant are the giant metallurgical and machine works from more than 30 countries.