BBC makes its debut in Samara

First three new interactive programs of Russian subdivision of BBC will go on the air on February, 26-28. The theme of a program is determined by website visitors. The matter will concern multiconfessional Russia, school education and immigration.

Russian championship for fencing

In Samara region Russian tournament for fencing started. The participants from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Novosibirsk take part in this tournament.

Samara is represented by 22 sportsmen.

The main aim of the competition is to draw attention and to raise interest to this kind of. Tournament will last for 2 days. Winners will take part in Participation in a cup of the Europe is necessary to winners.

The session of Regional Security Council

On February, 21st governor of Samara region K.A.Titov will take part in Samara session of Regional Security Council.

Theme of session: «About the Samara region political situation and maintenance of public security measures in the period of preparation and elections of deputies to the Samara Regional Duma».

The same day governor K.A.Titov will take part in signing ceremony of the Cooperation agreement between the Government of Samara regon and regional public organization «Samara clannishness» (Moscow).

15 Road Interchanges

The general plan of redevelopment of Samara is ready. For the first time in the country the development of such a document was begun with compilation of a digital surface contour map of the city.

In Samara construction of 15 road interchanges is supposed. Design works on moving engineering communications in Novo-Sadovaya str. and Sokolova str. have already begun. If all will go under the plan, the problem of traffic jams in streets will be solved at last. Besides the construction of a highway «Central» is planned. It will go along Karl Marks and connect city centre with Rakitovskoe highway. Some recreation areas are planned to build as well: 5th stage of Volga river quay and Samara river quay, the network of parkways in the central part of city, a park in «Dubki», 6 new athletic fields equipped by pools, skating rinks and fields for mini football, the main stadium for 30-40 thousand people in Alma-Atinskaya str. and Rakitovskoe highway.

However there is a problem of redevelopment of the historical part of the city. The authors of the plan mentioned for several times, that the wooden houses recognized as historical monuments are planned to place on Korovy Island.

Action Sport 2007 for snowboarding and mountain skiing

Winter Olympiad Action Sport 2007 for snowboarding and mountain skiing takes place on March, 3rd in Nizhniy Novgorod region at a sports complex » Khabarovskoe”.

Competition will be held on four disciplines — ski-cross-country, boarder-cross-country, big air and jibbing.

The demonstration performances, master-classes and displays of mountain-skiing and snowboarding video will be organized for spectators and participants.