«Trud» (regional edition)

Togliatti is in mourning for victims of bus bombing

The citizens are grieving about the victims of the bus explosion and helping the survivors in the terrorist attack. The personal identities as well as drivers» registration are held at the Road Patrol Service station at the city approach.


Prove himself

Konstantin Titov,for the first time as senator of Samara region took part at the plenary session of Samara regional Duma

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Far-reaching petrochemistry

I.V.Ivanov, minister of oil and gas industry speaks about the petrochemistry cluster trends, about nagging problem of petroleum gas etc.

«Argumenty i fakty» (regional edition)

Crystal and bronze

Samara citizens got Russian National Architecture Awards «Crystal Dedal». The first prize of the International festival «Architecture — 2007» was awarded to the designers of the hotel «Holiday Inn» project.

«Volzhskaya zarya»

«The Great Terror» in Samara

The exhibition dedicated to the tragic events of the second half of the XX century which was called «The Great Terror» was opened in Samara Alabin history and economy museum on Tuesday.