Show of Nomad peoples

The V Shiryaevski biennial of modern art is officially over on Saturday. On August 18 there was the culmination action of the project – “nomadic show”. The artists, living in Shiryaevo, showed their performances, installations and pictures.

“Rossiyskaya nedelya”

MAKS – Samara echo

Russia will resume the producing of strategic bombers. The news became recreation for many Samara citizens.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”

The embankment will work the whole year round

The skating rink is to be opened as well as outdoor lighting is to be set at the Volga river. Director of “Samara embankment” Galina Goncharenko” tells about working hours of Samara embankment

“Argumenty i fakty”

Tomato festival

There was a festival “Syzransky tomato” in Syzran. They held different competitions and chose Miss and Mister “Tomato”. One could taste cakes looked like tomatoes.