«Samarskie izvestiya»

The Clinical center of cellular technologies has opened in Samara region.

In the center (by the way it is the only one in Russia) they will treat such heavy diseases, as oncology, vascular pathology and thyroid function abnormality.

Stray dogs are under control!

The city administration presented a new method of regulation the number of stray animals. The stray animals regulation program was developed by the department of municipal economy and ecology for a year. According to the head of this department Vladimir Vasilenko, today there are 20 thousand stray animals in Samara. And for their number regulation it is appropriated 11 million roubles this year.

«Samarskoe obozrenie»

Samara loses «Russia»

One of the oldest Samara enterprises «Confectionery association «Russia»» ceases to exist as the separate legal entity. The enterprise becomes a branch of the Moscow company «Nestle Russia».

«Samarskaya gazeta»

«Moscow Soloists» on the Volga

To chamber choir «Moscow Soloists» under the leadership of Jury Bashmet, celebrates its 15th anniversary. The concert of the choir was held in the Samara philharmonic society last day of winter.

«Kommersant» (regional edition)

The state got rid of AutoVAZ

Yesterday the last stocks of AutoVAZ belonging Russian Federation were sold on auction in Samara. 1,47 % of the authorized capital was bought for the sum 796 million roubles. Following a brief auction, the stock passed into the possession of “Financial consultant “Troyka Dialog”.