The veteran law it decided to finish off

Yesterday the next session of the regional government under presidency of governor Konstantin Titov where 15 questions were discussed took place. The main discussed theme was the regional law «About labour veterans of Samara region».

«Volzhskaya kommuna »

«Socialnaya gazeta»

Booming Bezymyanka is a Flourishing City

The deputy of the Samara Regional Duma Victor Sazonov presented to journalists and the public the program, which is aimed to return the Bezymyznka its bygone glory.

While I’m studing, I am young

These days the first lessons at the “university of declining years” were given in Zheleznodorozhnyj district of Samara.

«Kommersant» (regional edition)

A new director-general of » GM-AutoVAZ »

John Henson who has been the director of development in GM N.A. In Detroit until recently will be a new director-general of “GM-AutoVAZ”.