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Periodicals Review — 20.02.07

«Volzhskaya Kommuna»

Life Engine

At the beginning of 2007 Samara cardiologic centre with the other three centres was included into the list of clinics of federal significance. Patients from all over Russia will arrive here now. Thereby Moscow gives its due to Samara cardiologists who have mastered the newest methods and directions in the cardio-vascular disease treating.

Samara Region Government Out Session in Tolyatti

Samara latest news 20.02.2007

Samara region government out session, devoted to industrial technological park creation in Tolyatti will be held on February, 22. The park creation is due to the necessity of efficient use of industrial and scientific and technical potential of Tolyatti as well as to the development and raising of competitive capacity of Samara region industry.

How much is the accommodation?

Samara latest news 20.02.2007

The cheapest accommodation with the cities the population of which is more than 1mln is in Rostov and the most expensive is in Samara.

The session of Regional Security Council

Samara latest news 20.02.2007

On February, 21st governor of Samara region K.A.Titov will take part in Samara session of Regional Security Council.

Russian championship for fencing

Samara latest news 20.02.2007

In Samara region Russian tournament for fencing started. The participants from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Novosibirsk take part in this tournament.

Samara Periodicals review — 19.02.07

«Samarskie izvestia»

Ministerial priorities

The visit of Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev was noted by the policy statements, which concerned near-term outlook of domestic agroindustrial complex development.

"AutoVAZ" is going to produce Lada Priora

Samara latest news 19.02.2007

OJSC “AutoVAZ” adjusts a batch production of Lada Priora.

The governor of Samara region participates in the State council session in Volgograd

Samara latest news 19.02.2007

Today the governor of Samara region K.A.Titov participates in the State council session which takes place in Volgograd. The session is devoted to industry development in Russian Federation.

Festival of martial art in Samara

Samara latest news 19.02.2007

In Samara the Aikido festival where more than hundred teams from Russia will take part began on Saturday. The spectators watched many interesting performances of karate, wushu, ju-jitsu, unarmed self-defense masters in a sports hall of stadium «Dynamo».

The Governor of Samara Region Rewarded with a Gold Medal

Samara latest news 19.02.2007

Governor of Samara region K.A.Titov is rewarded with a gold medal of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation «For the contribution to agriculture development of Russia».