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BBC makes its debut in Samara

Samara latest news 22.02.2007

First three new interactive programs of Russian subdivision of BBC will go on the air on February, 26-28. The theme of a program is determined by website visitors. The matter will concern multiconfessional Russia, school education and immigration.

Action Sport 2007 for snowboarding and mountain skiing

Samara latest news 22.02.2007

Winter Olympiad Action Sport 2007 for snowboarding and mountain skiing takes place on March, 3rd in Nizhniy Novgorod region at a sports complex » Khabarovskoe”.

Ecology and economy: allies or enemies?

Samara latest news 22.02.2007

The Ministry of ecology of Samara region develops the Concept of effective and qualitative management of ecosystem exploitation and preservation of Samara region environment.

15 Road Interchanges

Samara latest news 22.02.2007

The general plan of redevelopment of Samara is ready. For the first time in the country the development of such a document was begun with compilation of a digital surface contour map of the city.

Periodicals review — 21.02.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Zhigulevsk is 55

The unique city in Samarskaya Luka was and remains one of the most beautiful young cities not only in Samara region, but also in Russia.

AutoVAZ has started to collect automobile owners’ complaints

Samara latest news 21.02.2007

AutoVAZ aspires to keep buyers soever. For that it had to be more open for the customers. During last half a year at the car plant there was also a hot line for complaints and offers reception, there was an opportunity to ask factory managers questions.

The international festival of oriental dances "Anatoly" in Tolyatti

Samara latest news 21.02.2007

The international festival of oriental dances «Anatoly» will be held in Tolyatti in forthcoming days off.

The presentation of the Samara General plan

Samara latest news 21.02.2007

The presentation of Samara General plan takes place on February, 21st. The press conference take place in the House of Architect at Chapaevskaja, 210. Then, for the first time the new general plan of the future building of the regional center will be presented to Samara public, this document becomes object of public discussion.

Trip from London to Samara. The British writers travel across Russia

Samara latest news 21.02.2007

By the invitation of British Council Matt Whyman and Jamila Gavin, modern British writers, travel across Russia. The route includes stops, meetings with readers and creative workshops in Yekaterinburg, Samara, Volgograd and Sochi. On February, 21st and 22nd they will stop off at Samara and will hold creative workshops for students and the teachers aspiring professional growth and interested in secrets of a literary business.

"Rossiyskaya" is the ninth underground station in Samara

Samara latest news 21.02.2007

On February, 21st the drifting of the intermediate tunnel from “Rossiyskaya” to “Alabinskaya” underground stations was solemnly begun.