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Periodicals Review — 15.03.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Karabas-Barabas’s Favourite Toys

There is the 75th anniversary of Samara puppet-show

Elections of deputies to the Samara Regional Duma took place in Samara region

Samara latest news 14.03.2007

According to preliminary data, the members of Samara Regional Duma will be the representatives of «Edinaya Rossia», with 33,90 % votes (11 mandates), Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) – 18,91 % votes (5 mandates), «Spravedlivaya Rossia» – 14,86 % votes (4 mandates), RLDP (Russian Liberal-Democratic Party)– 11,62 % votes (3 mandates), “ Soyyz pravykh sil” and «Green» – 8,15 % and 7,56 % votes accordingly (1 mandate). «Russian Patriots» (1,37 %) has not overcome 7 %- barrier.

«Musical collage – 2007» — jazz and pop music competition

Samara latest news 14.03.2007

An open city child-youth jazz and pop music playing contest «Musical collage – 2007» is held at children»s experimental choral ten-year-school №1 on March, 14th.

Green Space VS Entertaining Centre

Samara latest news 14.03.2007

Oktyabrsky District Court building was picketed by 600 people in the morning on March, 13th. They demanded toreverse the decision of former mayor about the construction of an entertaining centre instead of green space in Michurinsky micro-district.

Samara Periodicals Review — 14.03.07

”Volzhskaya kommuna”

Billion for electric trains

Kuybyshevskaya Railways will spend about 1 billion roubles up to the end of this year for modernization and purchase of new electric locomotives and electric trains.

It exceeds investments of the last year by more than 35 %.

Natalia Orlova and Ekaterina Morozova are Champions of Russia

Samara latest news 13.03.2007

Championship of Russia for tennis among juniors was held from March, 5 to March, 11, 2007 in Tolyatti on courts of a sports complex «Tolyatti Tennis Center «. The championship is the most important tournament of this country among 18-years-old tennis players. Thus, in informal team placing Samara region won the first place among the rest region of Russia.

Opening of the literature exhibition devoted to M.Rostropovich’s 80th anniversary

Samara latest news 13.03.2007

The literature exhibition devoted to creative work of an outstanding musician and conductor, Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich will be open on March, 13th in the arts department of the Samara regional public scientific library. M. Rostropovich is 80 years old on March, 27th.

Coordination Council of Samara Ministry of Health and Social Development in Samara Region

Samara latest news 13.03.2007

The Ministry of Health and social development of Samara region will hold the coordination council, devoted to realizations of the priority national project «Health» in 2007 in the conference hall of Kalinin’s Samara Regional Clinical Hospital.

Samara Periodicals Review — 13.03.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

“To Samara with tenderness”

After a long break Eldar Ryazanov visited Samara. This visit was connected with the presentation of his new film “Andersen. Life without love”. However, considering blood ties of the well-known film director with this city, the atmosphere during his visit was penetrated with special confidence and nostalgia.

Samara Periodicals review — 12.03.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

“Live surgery”

For the first time during a conference “Eroshevsky readings-2007” there will be direct transmission “Live surgery” from operating-room of Samara Eroshevsky ophthalmologic hospital.

The ophthalmologists, being in operating-room, will perform some operations which will be broadcast for all participants of the conference.