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A new hotel network in Samara

Samara latest news 21.03.2007

Proprietors of Samara mini-hotel “Ost-Vest” with speak about the creation of own hotel network. Recently they have opened the second «Ost-Vest» in the regional centre. The 28-rooms- hotel is situated on the three first floors of the Samara dwelling complex «Sedmoe nebo». Now hotel-owners start expansion of the first hotel located on the Tretya proseka in Samara (near the Volga). It is planned to expand the hotel complex to 20 rooms.

“The round table” devoted the “Basic sections of Samara development plan”

Samara latest news 20.03.2007

«The round table» takes place in Samara in Architect House devoted to «Basic sections of Samara development plan».

Sportsmen from Tolyatti showed off in Hong Kong

Samara latest news 20.03.2007

The center of wushu and a chi kung team «U De» from Tolyatti took part in V International wushu festival which was being held in Hong Kong from March, 16 to March, 19th. More than 3 thousand sportsmen from China, the USA, Spain, Japan, Russia and other countries of the world competed in wushu-taolu, wushu -sanda (kickboxing) and chi kung.Numerous spectators watched over 15 thousand performances. Besides the competitive program there was held experience exchange of wushu schools and masters in special areas, goodwill visits of foreigners to Chinese wushu schools.

Opening ceremony of Children reading Year takes place in Samara on April, 26th

Samara latest news 20.03.2007

The opening ceremony of Children reading year will take place in a cinema hall of Samara regional P.V. Alabin’s museum of local history on April, 26th.

Events within the limits of Children Reading Year are held with the financial assistance of the Samara region Government.

Periodicals review — 20.03.07

”Volzhskaya zarya”

The project is realized

The group of the Samara enterprises of aerospace branch led by the state space-rocket center “CSKB-Progres” prepares for project realization of a launch space ship “Soyuz-2-3” with engines NK-33.

In Tolyatti will pass festival wushu

Samara latest news 19.03.2007

The first open international festival of traditional wushu «Tolyatti Dragon» takes place in April at the Tolyatti State University.

The Volga Load

Samara latest news 19.03.2007

The Samara authorities are measured to create a large terminal using the Volga river potential in the region. The regional government develops the project of a transport-consolidating center of processing cargoes and containers in cost 7,5 billion rbl. where the river ports of Syzran and Tolyatti will be involved. Experts doubt the project expediency.

The Winners in Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments Awarded Tomorrow

Samara latest news 19.03.2007

VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments took place in Moscow on February, 5-8th, 2007. There were presented more than 600 exhibitors from 26 regions of the Russian Federation and 20 countries of the Europe, Southeast Asia, Scandinavia, America.

The Kirghiz New Year "Nooruz" takes place in Samara on March, 20th

Samara latest news 19.03.2007

Celebration events devoted to the Kirghiz New Year will take place in Litvinov’s recreation centre on March, 20th in Samara.

«Nooruz» is a spring holiday, the beginning of a year. It coincides with a spring solstice.

Samara Periodicals review — 19.03.07

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Summed up

Yesterday the regional election committee summed up the official results of elections of deputies to the Samara Regional Duma, past on March, 11th. For the first time they were held by the mixed system.